What are the Different Services Big Red Jelly Offers?

Learn all about the four services we offer when it comes to hosting your website


This is your basic/standard plan. It's great if you are looking to create a website for personal use too! This will include

  • Managed Wordpress hosting (This means we will handle the basic administration tasks so you don't have to worry about it)
  • Website backups + unlimited website views
  • 50 GB of storage on the website

And more!


This plan is a great starting point for a business website. It also includes higher security than our startup plan. It includes everything in the start up plan including some more features. Here are some highlights found in this package

  • Anti-Spam software
  • iThemes and Security (This is Wordpress's #1 security system)


Our Pro package includes a lot more than our Startup or Standard packages. On top of our security benefits, we also offer additional plugins to help keep your site running smoothly. Here are some of the highlights found in this package.

  • Plugins (Additional elements or features that can enhance the look of your website
  • Theme Updates (These are great for the security and performance of your website)


This is our biggest package when it comes to webhosting. It includes everything mentioned in previous packages. In the Advanced package, we offer analytics on top of security and updates for your website. Analytics are great for tracking who comes to visit your website and what they like to see. These are all great tools for improving your services to your audience. The advanced package features

  • Smartlook Analytics (Get an indepth analysis about what people think of your website
  • Site Heatmaps and Funnels (See what is capturing the attention of your audience)

For more information, see our website at Big Red Jelly